I have never considered my earthly journey toward finding myself completed and always went after the missing pieces of life without ever getting tired. Throughout my journey for spiritual evolution, I repeatedly witnessed that a person's body, mind, and spirit can develop, change, and transform. All these years, I have striven to combine the things that I knew and learned consciously, and my spiritual power which I cultivated with my unconditional love, and to give them life through my paintings and sculptures. As I was doing all this, the entire result I witnessed upon finding the scattered pieces of the Puzzle and putting them in their proper place made me realize that patience really pays off. My ever-evolving experience allowed me to create a tight bond between my works of art and art lovers and to come up with the opportunity to give art lovers a shared sense of meaningfulness, as a result of which I managed to win their appreciation. These exciting developments actually inspired my following works and allowed me to get myself back up to speed. So, my taste, experience, pleasures, and perception all came together in my own world and made me feel that I can preserve them while also transforming and transferring them without losing their essence.

When I bring together my artist identity with my love for every branch of art, I began to realize the significant contribution of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell senses to creativity. I started to think that the sense of smell, which is actually the most memorable of these senses, creates the first and most descriptive trial mechanism the moment it is perceived, thus holding great importance for all living beings. With this sense, we can experience beauty, happiness, pleasure, and peace at any moment, as well as ugliness, unhappiness, and disgust. In fact, it can instantly change our scent perception and mood, serving as a triggering factor. As someone who believes in the energy of scents and has experienced their effects on human psychology, I have shaped the miracles offered by Mother Nature to us through my art and taste, helping you complete Puzzle's missing pieces and integrating with you, even providing different feelings each time, I have produced five different gender-neutral perfumes. The prints on each bottle, each identified with the contents of the perfumes, have evolved from my own works. These special perfume bottles are part of an artistic integrity and will continue to exist in life as numbered, certified, artistic objects. So instead of throwing away these bottles when your perfume is finished, you can allow them to appeal to your taste and soul. The fonts of my perfumes are uniquely designed in a unified calligraphic style suitable for the purpose of the whole, and each name has been carefully chosen to reflect its meaning in life.